Academic Programs


Academic Programs

Academic ProgramsAcademic Programs are personalized for each individual learner. We administer testing to determine exactly what skills need to be learned and then design a program to address those specific areas.

Lessons are taught using a variety of methods and materials. Students master skills through a combination of guided instruction, independent assignments, and ongoing skill quizzes.  Students are re-tested after every 25 hours of instruction to monitor progress and adjust programming as needed.

We offer the following programs:

Test Preparation
Reading Skills: Early Reading K-2, Reading 2-12
Writing Skills: Grammar & Composition
Math Skills: K-8, Algebra I & II, Geometry
Study Skills

What Results to Expect

Academic Programs are the “cure” for academic problems. They get to the root of the problem and fix it by building a solid academic foundation. By the end, the student will become independent and no longer need my (or your) assistance. Academic Programs take time, but they work.

 … and I’m in med school because you helped me get through stats and physics with A’s..” - Giana D., Medical School Student

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