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TutorThe Classroom is owned and operated by Melissa LaValle.  Melissa has a Bachelor’s Degree in Mathematics, a Master’s Degree in Education, and is a certified teacher.  She has served as a Director for The Princeton Review and Sylvan Learning Center, and has taught for Springfield Public Schools, America Reads, TEAMS Tutors, Mad Science, and The Urban League of Eastern Massachusetts. Melissa is an accomplished tutor.

The Classroom is a tutoring center that works with learners of all ages and in most academic areas.  All teachers are certified and work with a maximum of three students at a time. 1-to-1 tutoring is also available. Each student receives a personalized program designed to meet his or her individual needs and learning style.

Homework SupportOur services include:
Academic Programs
Homework Support
Test Preparation
We consider the need of the individual … unlike conventional classrooms where every person is taught essentially the same way, we tailor our program to the way the student learns best. We especially take pride in our results … where exceptionally bright and talented individuals who may have had difficulty testing, “book learning“, the sheer volume of classwork or just dealing with the structure of today’s classrooms have excelled. We teach learning skills … not just the subject matter … so these are skills that will be valuable throughout not only the academic life of the individual, but also their career. Finding a tutor that will fit your needs or the needs of your child can be a challenge. Become one of the many success stories that The Classroom has achieved.

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