Personalized Programs for Unique Academic Needs

The Classroom offers a variety of tutoring services and scheduling options to meet the unique educational, emotional, and personal needs of each learner. Whether you need to catch up, keep up, or get ahead, The Classroom can help you to achieve your academic goals and build confidence along the way.
Not only do we teach the skills necessary for academic excellence, we also teach students how to use their strengths to develop their weaknesses, how to ask harder questions that lead to deeper understanding, and how to transform the support received here at The Classroom into success within their own classroom.

Our Tutoring Services

The Classroom offers tutoring services to learners of all ages and abilities.

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Academic Programs

Academic Programs are designed to catch students up to their current grade level by providing targeted instruction and remediation of the prerequisite skills that are making it difficult for the learner to progress and fully understand their current assignments. Diagnostic testing is used to determine academic strengths and identify specific skills to be included in a customized learning program. Academic programs are available for Math, Reading, and Writing.

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Homework Support

Homework Support is primarily focused on homework completion and comprehension. Students walk in (or login) with an assignment or topic in which they are currently working on at school. They are shown the appropriate steps or concepts needed to tackle and understand their homework and provided with resource sheets and examples for later reference. The Classroom can help students to complete worksheets, IXLs and other online assignments, papers, and various projects. Students are welcome to bring their tablets to The Classroom or use one of the computers on site.

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Test Prep

Test Preparation is offered for a variety of standardized tests including K-12 achievement tests, graduate exams, and career testing. The Classroom can help with the MCAS, ISEE, SSAT, HSPT, SAT, ACT, AP Exams, GED, HiSet, GRE, GMAT, ASVAB, TEAS, MTEL, and more. Students learn about the structure of their exam, question types and related strategies, general test taking and problem solving skills, as well as subject specific content.

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Study Skills

The Study Skills program helps students learn how to learn. Students receive direct instruction to develop their organization and time management skills, build better study habits, and learn valuable test-taking strategies. The program also teaches students to embrace their own learning style and set both personal and academic goals.

What our customers say about us

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"Melissa is AWESOME! She worked with my daughter when studying for the SAT's. My daughters pre SAT score was 1240. Her first SAT was 1580 & then her second SAT was 1800! As you can see working with Melissa made a BIG difference!

Dawn Spolidoro, RN
6+ Year Customer
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"Help with Learning & Confidence
My son looks to Melissa for both Mathematics and SAT learning and confidence. He finds the way she teaches reaches him better than his daily classroom lessons."

32 Lessons with Melissa
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The Classroom has been a part of my children’s lives for the better part of nine years. My children have learning differences which require additional assistance. They have thrived through Melissa’s teaching methods. She has a sense of fun and calm about her which brings out the best in the children. Through Melissa’s professionalism and compassion my children have thrived.

Karen A.
5+ Year Customer
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Melissa has been helping my daughter with her high school geometry. My daughter has told me that she explains things in a way that her own teacher at school couldn't. She is understandings it much better with Melissa and we will continue working with her for as long as it takes for my daughter to get caught up.

17 lessons with Melissa
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SAT & ACT Prep
I couldn't have chosen a better tutor for my son. Her enthusiasm for teaching made him more open to learning. He is going into his ACT test well prepared. Thank you so much, Melissa.

14 lessons with Melissa
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"Great person - Melissa is able to see an individual's strengths and abilities and show them how to use them!"

Rich Dooley
5+ Year Customer
Critical Thinking Skills
Academic Goals
Confidence & Self Esteem

Scheduling Options

There are two major scheduling options: private tutoring (1:1) and small group tutoring (3:1). Lessons may be held in-person or virtually depending upon your needs and preferences. Lessons are typically booked in increments of 30 minutes and last between 30 and 180 minutes. The majority of students book one hour sessions once or twice weekly, but some students require more or less time depending upon their age, attention span, family goals, or the amount of work to be completed by a given due date. Students choose the date and time of their lessons via a scheduling app and may adjust their appointment as needed via the same app up until 24 hours before the scheduled session.

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Private Tutoring (1:1)

One-to-one lessons are available for students who prefer or require private sessions.Students are guaranteed to work alone with the tutor for the duration of the session, receiving the tutor’s undivided attention, consistent prompting, and a private setting with minimal distractions.

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Small Group Tutoring (3:1)

Up to three students may work with the tutor depending upon scheduling demand. If no other students happen to book the same timeframe, you are NOT charged the one-to-one rate. Learners receive a combination of guided instruction, hands-on activities, and independent practice problems to improve their understanding, accuracy, and independence.

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In Person Lesson

In-person lessons are held at The Classroom, which is located at 25 Wareham St., Building 2, Suite 2-22, Middleboro, MA 02346. The office is located in the business complex directly across the street from the Brewster Ambulance dispatch center. Building 2 is the large building in the center of the parking lot.

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Virtual Lessons

Virtual lessons are currently delivered via Zoom.

About The Classroom

The Classroom provides academic tutoring to learners of all ages and in most subject areas. As a company, we are most proud of our students, those who have dedicated their time, energy, and minds to improving themselves as academics and individuals.

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10+ Years in Business

The Classroom was established on March 2, 2013 and shares its birthday with the writer, poet, and cartoonist, Dr. Seuss. The office was first opened in Taunton before relocating to the heart of Middleboro.

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Extensive Resources & Materials

The Classroom houses extensive resources and materials including text books, workbooks, reference sheets, and strategy templates. We also have tablets and laptops on site in addition to traditional stationery, art supplies for projects, and hands-on manipulatives.

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The Classroom Store

The Classroom provides learners with a bit of extra motivation by allowing students to earn points during instruction that may be used to purchase items from the student store. Points are tracked in the student’s personal checkbook.

Why learn with The Classroom?

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Positive, Supportive Environment

The Classroom is a positive, supportive environment that encourages student engagement and minimizes outside distractions.

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Enthusiastic & Knowledgeable Instructor

Melissa is an energetic and passionate teacher who is very knowledgeable and delivers instruction in a clear and organized manner.

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Personalized Programs

All students are provided with customized programs that are tailored to their specific academic needs and goals.

Get in touch!

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Cancellations, Weather, and Rescheduling:
‍Due to our industry’s unique nature and the potential loss of opportunity, The Classroom employs a strict non-refundable reservation purchase policy. All reservation purchases are charged in full at the time of booking and are non-refundable without exception. Rates are subject to change without notice at any time.

Lessons may be rescheduled as needed with more than 24 hours notice via the scheduling app. Should the client cancel with less than twenty-four hours notice, the reservation is forfeited and cannot be rescheduled. The twenty-four hour policy is literal, meaning that if your appointment is at 10:00, you must reschedule before 10:00 the day before. “No-shows” and/or failure to notify The Classroom via phone call/message will result in the forfeiture of the right to reschedule; there will be no refund. All late cancellations and “no-shows” are charged at their regular hourly rate. The only exception is late cancellations due to inclement weather which will be rescheduled.
Weather forecasts are often unreliable and not location-specific. The Classroom will not cancel or reschedule bookings before your scheduled reservation based off on the weather forecast alone. The Classroom will determine whether a weather-related cancellation is required the night before or morning of the reservation and will contact the booking guest to notify that the reservation will be canceled and rescheduled.​​

The Classroom reserves the right to cancel or reschedule a reservation without advanced notice due to unforeseen conditions or circumstances beyond our control, i.e., unsafe weather conditions, pandemic-related directives and/or issues, and the tutor’s health. ​​